Diploma program

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The programme consists of 20 subjects listed below which are taught during sessions and seminars. It can be complemented by seminars on other subjects.


Biblical Studies
BS-1: Introduction to the Old Testament I
BS-2: Introduction to the Old Testament II
BS-3: Introduction to the New Testament I
BS-4: Introduction to the New Testament II
BS-5: Theological Hermeneutics

Church History
KI-1: Church History I
KI-2: Church History II
KI-3: Church History III
KI-4: Contemporary Renewal Movements and Ecumenism
KI-5: Baptists in Lithuania

TE-1: Introduction to Critical Thinking
TE-2: Theology: Convictions and Community
TE-3: Introduction to Ethics
TE-4: Baptist Identity
TE-5: Introduction to Philosophy
TE-6: Christianity and Other Worldviews

Church Ministries
TB-1: The Discipline of Spiritual Life
TB-2: Oral Communication and Preaching
TB-3: Worship: Vision and Practice
TB-4: Witness in the Lithuanian Context

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Bible School

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About NEBIM - Non-residential Bible School of the Baptist Union of Lithuania (NEBIM)

Non-residential Bible School (NEBIM in Lithuanian) has been started for serving the pressing educational needs of the Lithuanian Baptist churches. In order to respond better to the different abilities of the students, NEBIM offers two tracks: the Diploma Programme and the Seminar Track.

The students of the Diploma Programme are required to take all the courses listed further and fulfil all their requirements. The components of the programme are lectures, seminars, individual contact hours with the lecturers, practical assignments, independent study and written works. The programme consists of 4 modules that cover courses in Biblical Studies, Church History, Theology, and Church Ministries. The students are not required to have any prior theological education but are encouraged to be actively involved in the ministry in their local churches already during the course of the programme.

One of the most important elements of the vision for NEBIM is its flexibility and adaptation to the needs of the congregations. Some of the Diploma Programme courses are offered as open seminars that are available to the wider circle of believers. These seminars, called the Seminar Track, complement the vision of the continuing theological education for our churches. It is our aim that the seminars be hosted by several different congregations so that more members of the local churches have a possibility to participate.


NEBIM is part of the Consortium of European Baptist Theological Schools (CEBTS). Director of NEBIM, Lina Andronoviene, also serves as the Clerk to CEBTS. Out of this network, several closer possibilities for cooperation have emerged.

For some years now our Bible School has been working together with the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Prague. November 17th, 2005 the official agreement on co-operation between NEBIM and IBTS was signed.

Another school with which NEBIM has developed special affinity is Northern Baptist Learning Community in Manchester, UK.

NEBIM enjoys regular contact and exchange with these two Baptist educational institutions. It also holds occasional lectures delivered by speakers from other schools, such as Spurgeon’s College, London or Fuller Theological Seminary, USA.

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