Diploma program

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The programme consists of 20 subjects listed below which are taught during sessions and seminars. It can be complemented by seminars on other subjects.

Biblical Studies
BS-1: Introduction to the Old Testament I
BS-2: Introduction to the Old Testament II
BS-3: Introduction to the New Testament I
BS-4: Introduction to the New Testament II
BS-5: Theological Hermeneutics

Church History
KI-1: Church History I
KI-2: Church History II
KI-3: Church History III
KI-4: Contemporary Renewal Movements and Ecumenism
KI-5: Baptists in Lithuania

TE-1: Introduction to Critical Thinking
TE-2: Theology: Convictions and Community
TE-3: Introduction to Ethics
TE-4: Baptist Identity
TE-5: Introduction to Philosophy
TE-6: Christianity and Other Worldviews

Church Ministries
TB-1: The Discipline of Spiritual Life
TB-2: Oral Communication and Preaching
TB-3: Worship: Vision and Practice
TB-4: Witness in the Lithuanian Context

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